This card deck is a life-changing tool to help you become significantly more empowered in your relationship with money. When you use this deck daily for the next 30 days, you are combining financial action steps with creating a powerful daily financial habit. Consistency is the number one thing required if you want financial literacy and investment success. Using this card deck will help you nurture both: a consistent embrace of empowered ways to think and feel about money and consistent real steps towards the actions that the most empowered people do regularly.

15 minutes each day is all it takes:

  • For 10 minutes, you read and connect with the thoughts and beliefs about money that highly empowered women have
  • For the next 5 minutes, you take one financial action step

Ideally, do this with your morning coffee to start your day with a win. It does not need to be hard and awful to move toward financial empowerment. Allocate 15 minutes a day, and you might be surprised how much it can fundamentally change your relationship with money in a relatively short period of time. Most people see a shift in 30 days.

Financial Femme Fatale Mastermind

Small but consistently executed habits are the KEY ingredient to becoming financially empowered. That is why I launched the Financial Femme Fatale Mastermind. The group’s purpose is to help you set clear goals on your personal financial growth journey and to help you keep taking your small daily financial steps. In each Zoom call, you’ll share your successes and explore overcoming any obstacles that may have come up. In each call, Anja will share more secrets to moving into financial empowerment with ease and joy and will be available for any questions.

If you are serious about shifting the relationship with money once and for all, consider joining this group of amazing women. 

We meet via Zoom bi-weekly on Sunday evenings at 7 pm EST.

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Based on my years of speaking and assisting hundreds of people around the world to dream big and live life to the fullest, On the Edge of Something Bigger shares valuable insights and knowledge to help people just like you, individuals and couples looking for something bigger: a life filled with hope and possibility.

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