Reinventing Retirement. Reimagining possibilities.

I help retirees who are approaching retirement or are past the honeymoon of retirement to design a successful retirement life that is unique, deeply fulfilling and fun based on their own unique definition of success.

Avoid the unnecessary pitfalls of retirement. 

One year to learn the tools to embrace ALL of the potential and possibilities that retirement might have for you


Managing 168 hours per week for a multi-decade life stage is new for most retirees and requires new skills that are learnable and empowering. By learning these you set yourself up for the best and strongest possible start of your new 3rd life.

We have recently crossed a tipping point and retirees are younger than ever biologically and they no longer fit the old paradigm of retirement. They need tools, support and strategies that fit the exciting, young and vibrant 3rd life that allow today’s encores to thrive.

Take the 21 Day Challenge!

To avoid the difficulties, and to get the most out of what is possible, most people benefit from guidance. You can do it alone, but why would you? This is easier, more fun, deeper, opens up more potential. You do not have to reinvent the wheel, learn what has worked for others that were successful. This is a silly thing to not invest into. This is what you have worked for your entire life!

Book Launch

My biggest wish for the publication of my new book “On the Edge of Something Bigger” is that it gives hope and more fulfillment to those who read it. I hope that the simple process I am sharing in the book will be transformational and empowering to many.


These people discovered my reinvention coaching for professionals who want to prevent the avoidable pitfalls of the first 2-3 years of retirement and who want to embrace the possibilities and potential of retirement as a time of deeper meaning, creativity, and self-expression.

Retirement in the 21st century is a huge opportunity. It’s not your parent’s retirement.


• 1 year into retirement- check in. How fun is this really? What did you really want?
• As a young retiree and 50-70 year old professionals, you can get the most out of this time by going through an intentional, intelligent, and methodical, process. If you do you cannot only fend off risks, you can make it more likely that your retirement will be a success and personally fulfilling

- Anja

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