Sometimes we get into our own way by having too many opinions. What would it be like if you decided to do something new and told your judging self to chill for the first 30 days?

It is a really fun experiment to do. A few years ago, I wanted to try out hot yoga. It was something new. Novelty is fun. I decided to sign up for Bikram Yoga close to my house and go no matter what my opinion would be of the experience. I then set a date on my calendar to take myself out for a Starbucks coffee and ask to get my opinion 30 days later. So, I did hot yoga three days per week as agreed and hated it initially. But I postponed my judgment. It felt powerful. I was able to have an experience that I treasure now. I learned the Bikram routine, and I got stronger. I realized that I have the power to NOT listen to my judgments. And doing so can increase grit and open the door to new experiences.

What could you dare to do while ignoring your judging self initially? Doing something a bit out there can be fun. Or doing something scary and uncomfortable. Give your self-judgment space to comment. Just make sure you set office hours and keep them.

As a reinvention and business coach, I help you get very clear on what you want more than anything, and then I support you in making it happen. I feel that we all need a coach. I have one. It makes life so much easier and fun. If you are interested, let’s jump on a call and explore what it might look like for you. I look forward to our call!

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