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Anja has taught over 150 workshops on personal reinvention in the US and in Europe. She believes that any challenge is bursting with opportunity and can become the beginning of THE best decades of your life yet.


“Coaching with Anja is an incredible experience! She listens extremely well, mirrors the truly essential points, gently points me in a direction that leads to new insights and deeper understanding. Thank you, Anja, for sharing with me your incredible gift. You are smart, analytically sharp and at the same time nonjudgmental, kind and empathic! After each phone session I feel seen, cared for and full of power and skill to meet the challenges of the coming week” – M.R. , Heidelberg, Germany

“Enjoyed your class last night, thank you. Already, I am thinking about the steps that I need to take place to enrich my sense of well-being for chapter 3. Fifteen minutes a day for reflection is a good start and assignments to explore unconscious values will be enlightening. Completing the short exercises in class has already turned on a few lights”. – J.S. Mooreland Hills, Ohio

“Having Anja as my coach for the past year and a half has helped me experience significant growth and success in school, life, and health. Our weekly sessions keep me on track towards my goals and allow for much awareness, clarity, and inspiration. I enjoy how comprehensive and customized the work we do together is; we focus on steady advancement in my professional aspirations and take time to integrate my family and wellness goals. I have seen my progress in working with Anja as I have overcome many tough obstacles and taken on new challenges with her guidance and support. Her insightfulness is unmatched when exploring future plans and making short term decisions. I value the work we do and am so grateful for her consistent dedication to my life endeavors. Thank you Anja!” – E.C., Cleveland Heights, Ohio

“Anja DeGeorgia has discovered a niche helping young retirees move forward into the next phase of life.  A soft-spoken yet very passionate speaker, Anja’s enthusiasm is contagious in a wonderful way.  Her interactive seminars guide attendees on examining what values are important and what possible goals can be achieved during the transition from working into a post-career life.  She helps participants think about how best to use the new-found additional free and unstructured time which comes with retirement, consider new opportunities- volunteering, traveling, taking classes, exercising regularly, starting a new hobby – which weren’t as easy to schedule while working, and gain new awareness of the importance of a social network by possibly strengthening existing relationships with friends and family while having the chance to make new friends. Although the series has retirement as its main focus, the information learned in the sessions also applies to anyone going through such life transitions as changing marital status or dealing with the illness or loss of an elderly parent.” – S.T. Shaker Heights, Ohio