Fear is not the problem. Giving in to fear is. I have always been conflicted about posting on social media. I have enjoyed other people’s posts for years, but I have only posted a handful of times in my life. I felt shy and self-conscious about it. I allowed my fear to stop me.

Starting today, I will stop being afraid of being judged or seen as I am by the world. Instead, I choose to feel excited to share with you all of my most powerful strategies for living a joy-filled and successful life. I have learned so much from reading, from working with my audiences, and from working with my individual clients. You deserve to know all of it.

Where do YOU have fear stopping you? What risks are you shying away from?

We all get afraid. That’s human. We can choose to give in to our fears or feel the fear and do it anyway. This post was inspired by Susan Jeffers’ empowering book “Feel the Fear.”

As a business and reinvention coach, I help my clients to get out of their own way and jump so they can become the next better version of themselves. If you want to explore in what area you would like to feel the fear and do it anyways, reach out. I would be delighted to talk with you. For other life-changing information, you can find my books here.