This is a special and beautiful time in your life. A time like never before. A time to finally tend to you, a time to gain a clearer vision of who you are today and to fully and intentionally embrace all areas of your life: meaningful activities, social connections, artistic expression, spirituality, lifelong learning, finances and physical wellbeing.

There are quiet, deep moments when you experience a hunch, you feel drawn to things and actions and you know deep down what is good and right for you. For that enlightened, extended moment, you can see it all so clearly. Then life happens and things on the surface beckon you, call your name and you get “busy”. And you are left with a longing for so much more, especially during major life transitions, as in the start of your post career life.

Coaching is about creating a regular time in your calendar to connect to your deeper, wiser side that is calling you to the values, life mission and longings that hum below the surface. Coaching is about listening to yourself. Coaching is an investment in your happiness and fulfillment. Coaching is a gift to yourself.

As your coach I will follow you and ask you powerful questions about the topics you bring to each session. I will coach you in the direction you have decided you want to go. I will point out and challenge any limiting belief that you may hold and gently show you blind spots that have held you back. I might suggest a different way to look at a situation. I will not give you advice. At times I will challenge you, but always under the premise that you, and only you, know what is right for you. I will be non judgmental, loving and listen with sincere respect for you and your life experiences and our session are always confidential.

When you identify a perfect next step for yourself, I will offer you to be your accountability partner. Most clients find this to be a crucial piece that helps them significantly expedite the process of making their goals more than a dream and turn their dreams into reality, week by week. Within a few short weeks, these changes generate hope and excitement and the experience that you can tackle anything. It is a beautiful and rewarding process that touches your life and the one of the people around you.

You deserve a life filled with wonder and limitless possibilities, now more than ever!