There is a beautiful practice called the “favorite moment practice.” On your nightstand might be a piece of paper reading “What was my favorite moment today?” It might have a big heart around it. Then, as you get into your bed, you see it, think about the day, and remember the most delightful moment. Was it seeing a sunrise? Or a conversation with a friend when you both laughed like kids? Was it the loving touch of your partner on your walk who threaded their fingers into yours? Was it the first bite of the delicious, broiled salmon with a hint of lime?

Thinking about this for one minute can deepen your love for life. Your day was worth it. It held that moment.

If you have a partner, ask them: “what was your favorite moment today?” You might be surprised and touched by the things that meant the most to them. It might be tender. It might be lovely. And so simple to do. Try it for a few days. All it takes is one piece of paper on your nightstand. And the willingness to recognize delight. You will go to sleep with a tiny bit more peace in your heart.

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