Starting to change one aspect of your life for the better can feel so daunting! You take the first small steps, and the final outcome you want can still feel lightyears away, even impossible. It can quickly feel discouraging and lead to not even getting started.

But when you find the courage to take small steps every day toward the outcome you want, the impossible gradually becomes possible. It is like ice melting. All it takes is to define tiny steps and a solid promise to take them every day for maybe 30 days. Then, track your steady small daily steps. Taking your step in the morning right after doing something else makes it easier. BJ Fogg calls this anchoring your behavior to something you did right before. And do not forget to celebrate getting a week under your belt and then another.

What would be the first change you would tackle by setting up a success streak if you tried this?

I am passionately dedicated to finding the small tweaks that make life worth living. As a coach, I help my clients get out of their own way and become better versions of themselves. So if you want to jump on a call to explore how you can expedite becoming your best self, I would be delighted.

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