What small little things in your life annoy you and drain a tiny bit of your energy each moment you notice them? It could be the one wall you never finished when you painted the bathroom nine years ago. It could be the box that blocks the bedroom door from opening. It could be the errors you make while typing because of the touch typing skills you never learned. Each time you bump into a toleration, you experience a micro-injury to your well-being.

What are the tolerations in your life? What are you putting up with, although it might just take a few minutes to address?

I challenge you to start a list of tolerations on your phone right now. Then see if you notice one toleration today and add it to your list. On your next cleaning day, allocate time to this list and delete a few. Tolerating feels bad. Taking action feels empowering. Please share this with anyone in your home and have them share what things are tolerations for them. You will learn more about them as well.

As a reinvention and business coach, I am endlessly passionate about helping my clients understand what they are tired of putting up with and what they want instead. Then I empower them to move toward what they want most for themselves. I feel you deserve this kind of progress in your life! So, if any part of you is curious about exploring what working together could look like, please reach out. I would be delighted to talk with you.

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